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Exploring the washed coffees of southern Ethiopia is to immerse yourself in a unique and different sensory world, far from the traditional experiences of coffee lovers. In these regions, such as Yirgacheffe and Sidama, where exceptional indigenous varieties of Arabicas are grown, intense and often extravagant aromatic profiles are revealed. Lemon, bergamot, flowers, cocoa and fruits intertwine in a ballet of flavors, highlighting a bright acidity.

Yirgacheffe, the "Champagne region of the coffee world", is located in southern Ethiopia, offering optimal growing conditions with just the right amount of rainfall and soils rich in essential minerals.

This region, both a locality and a quality designation, is home to a wild mix of native varieties that develop uniquely depending on the soil, elevation and climate. A Yirgacheffe grade coffee, with its powerful floral aroma and intense citrus flavor, is recognized as one of the most distinctive flavor profiles in the world.

Gedeo, a narrow strip of land in the Oromia region, is noted for its coffee from the Banko Michicha washing station, established in 2011. Here, 782 smallholders carefully process their beans. Its sweet and fruity profile represents the classic flavors of Ethiopia's most renowned coffee-producing regions.

In this region, farmers practice selective harvesting, choosing only ripe cherries. Coffee is processed by hand at community washing stations, where wooden paddles are used to thoroughly wash the beans after fermentation. The coffee is then dried in the sun on raised beds, a process that culminates in a cup that captures the unique essence of the Guji region and carries with it the history and care of small local producers.

Flavor: Cocoa and nuts
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