identity in each grain.

Discover NOKORA

Where aromas and flavors intertwine, NOKORA was born. A name that emerges from the fusion of the words "Nondik" and "Nora", which in Basque mean "From where" and "To where", symbolizing the sensory journey and the search for the essence in each cup of coffee.

NOKORA is the reflection of our passion for specialty coffee with the purpose of not being just a specialty coffee brand, but to turn each cup into a unique experience full of captivating aromas and exceptional flavors.

We want each sip to transport you to known or still unexplored places. May it connect you with the stories of those who make it possible for you to hold our cup in your hands or with your own memories and moments lived.

Discover traceability and diversity in every sip.

Immerse yourself in the knowledge we share with you, learning about the different flavor profiles, subtle notes and brewing techniques that enhance each cup.

Our goal is for NOKORA to be the destination where coffee becomes a story to tell, an experience to share.

Discover the path that has brought us here, and the one that we still have to travel until we reach our goal: to make each cup an exceptional experience. And now that you know our story, shall we write the next chapter together?

We believe in the sensory power of coffee

At NOKORA we are convinced that coffee can transport us to thousands of memories related to it, thanks to its aroma and flavor.

And since the strength of a cup lies not only in the quality of the product, but also in the way it is roasted and prepared, we take care of every detail to become a passionate lover who appreciates every detail and immerses himself in pleasure. sensory that specialty coffee can offer.


Specialty Coffee

We work with the best origins to ensure the highest quality: Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Kenya...

Each coffee bean is different depending on where and how it is grown, and in order to offer you the flavor and experience you are looking for we will choose the best varieties each harvest.


As the last element in our name we have the syllable “KO”, where the “K” is kilometer and the “O” represents a coffee bean. In short, NOKORA is the KM Café: the meeting point where passion, excellence and traceability converge, and also the beginning of a sensory delight.

Each cup of coffee we serve carries with it its own story, that of its origin, cultivation and collection. But also yours.

How do you want to live it? You decide where and how , from our tasting shop through the take away experience or from your home, preparing your own creations.