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Decaffeinated COLOMBIA Sugar Cane

Decaffeinated COLOMBIA Sugar Cane

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In the heart of Colombia, in the department of Caldas, coffee-growing families grow and process exceptional decaffeinated coffee. Framed by the Café Cultural Paisaje, this coffee represents the rich Colombian coffee tradition and stands out for its participation in the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia.

Each family undertakes the processing of the coffee on their farm, then taking it to the Federation cooperative for sale. Caldas, located in the Andean region, is a key component of the Café Cultural Paisaje and is home to one of the main decaffeinated processing stations in Colombia.

The Federation, committed to improving the living conditions of more than 500 thousand coffee-growing families, represents their interests at the national and international level. In the case of Caldas decaffeination, the process is unique: style acetate derived from sugar cane is used. Coffee beans are soaked in water and the solvent, obtained through the fermentation of sugar cane, absorbs the caffeine. This completely natural method does not use chemicals.

This decaffeinated coffee from Caldas, with its natural sweetness and innovative process, is a jewel that reflects the harmony between coffee tradition, sustainability and exceptional quality. Enjoying this cup is immersing yourself in the cultural richness and commitment to sustainable practices that defines the essence of Colombian coffee.
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