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ETHIOPIA Yirgacheffe

ETHIOPIA Yirgacheffe

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Yirgacheffe's Kochere coffee has gained renown for its distinctive character, exhibiting a robust floral presence and notable acidity that gives it a unique character. This coffee with its own personality is grown in the region that stretches from Fisah Genet to Cheleletu, reaching impressive altitudes of up to 2,500 meters above sea level, with generous rainfall that contributes to its exceptional quality.

The Yirgacheffe coffee area is known for its diversity of ancient prototypical varieties, such as the prominent Kurume, selected locally from the surrounding forests by choice and chance. These varieties, blended in a unique way, give rise to a singular expression of terroir and flavor. By law, farmers are limited to planting only these varieties, and the picking agent plays a crucial role in ensuring the quality of the cherries before processing.

In the case of natural coffees, the selection process is rigorous. The cherries undergo cleaning in a flotation tank, accepting only those of high quality that sink. After washing, the cherries are taken directly to the drying field, where they are spread in a single layer and turned regularly to ensure optimal quality. This meticulous process can extend up to three weeks in cloudy conditions or two weeks in sunny days.

The Yirgacheffe region, situated between the towns of Dilla and Agere Maryam in Sidamo, has a fascinating history. It was here, at the Melkalole mill, that Mr. Hiwot noticed unique characteristics in the coffee, such as uniform size, bluish hue, and distinctive floral and citrus notes. He decided to market this coffee in a differentiated way, subsequently planting 20 thousand hectares to replicate its characteristics. Thus was born the Yirgacheffe appellation, a region that continues to delight coffee lovers with its unmistakable character.
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